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What we do…

      The Fine Arts, llc is a painting contracting company, specializing in proper preparation, application, and maintenance of interior and exterior surfaces. Our services add value and beauty to our client’s homes, while protecting the surfaces for years to come. Each of our painters have been thoroughly trained in every task they perform, regardless of the tasks perceived simplicity. Our reputation is much too valuable to trust to day-hire helpers, as many other companies do on a daily basis. Our clients take comfort in knowing that that every service we perform is completed to the highest standards, regardless of their projects size, their zip code, or the value of the contract.

      Each year, about 70% of our projects are interior, with about 40% of those projects being faux finishes, decorative painting, and furniture painting. Of the 30% of our work that are exterior projects, roughly 80% of that is painting and restoration of the trim and siding of the home. The other 20% is power washing decks and fences, and exterior wood staining and refinishing. In most cases, we work directly with a client that has been referred to us by a previous client, but frequently we work with the client’s Interior Decorator or Designer.

      Our ideal client would be anyone that has used another painting contracting company before. This type of client has set expectations of what a project will be like, based on their previous experience, and we always raise the bar for the other companies out there. Our clients are most impressed by our professionalism, craftsmanship, and by how smoothly the projects run. We take the time to listen to what our clients needs are, and we encourage feedback from them during the project.

      Please visit our testimonials page to view many of our previous customer’s comments and letters.

Services Offered…

      If you are in need of a service we don’t have listed here, please email your request to us, as we are constantly adding to our list of services, and might not have updated the website list yet. We appreciate all client feedback, as it helps us serve you better.


Painting and staining in oil and latex finishes.
All types of clear coats, including polyurethane, lacquer, shellac, and varnish.
Wallpaper removal and preparation for new wallpaper.
Plaster repair, restoration, and skim coating.
Sheetrock taping and spackling.
Classic and historical paints (size paints, casein paints, lime wash, glazes, and milk paints).
Rigorous preparation of old surfaces.
Digital imaging of the project*.
Various faux effects and finishes.
Yearly maintenance packages, including yearly inspections of all surfaces, and any needed touch-up or repainting.
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Painting and staining in oil and latex finishes.
Power washing, and deck and fence refinishing and staining.
HVLP and airless spray painting.
Epoxy wood restoration.
Paint/finish removal/stripping.
Scheduled maintenance packages, including yearly exterior home inspections, and any needed touch-up, re-caulking, or repainting.
Gutter cleaning.
Digital imaging of the project*.

*Through the use of digital imaging software, we can also offer the client actual photos of their project, complete with the colors they have chosen, before the project even begins. This is only available when using Benjamin Moore colors.
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Faux Finishes:

      Color washing, Glazing, Distressing, Marbling, Gilding, Wood graining, Decoupage, Lime washing, Murals, Crackle varnish, Stenciling, Cartoon characters, Peeling paint, Sponging, Rag rolling, Stripes, Stippling, Faux stones, Faux granite, Tuscan textures, Faux bricks, Aged plaster, Tissue paper effects, Leather, Metallic effects, Liming, Strie, Clouds and skies,
Venetian plaster, Luster stone, Fantasy finishes, and many more….

      If there is a finish not listed here that interests you, please email us your request. For specialty projects that require the commissioning of an actual artist, such as family portraits, life-like scenes, and renditions of classical art subjects, we can arrange for one of our artists to meet with you for a consultation.

Please visit our “faux samples” gallery for images of faux finishing sample.
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      We have included here the services that we offer to other contractors, or homeowners who are looking to learn more about the workings of home improvement projects, scheduling considerations, or techniques. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, as we try our best to assist every client, whether they are an individual homeowner, or a fellow contractor.

*All consultations available in English and Spanish.

Instruction on basic painting and faux finishing techniques
      We can teach anyone the basic skills needed to paint on their own, any size project, even faux finishes! This is a perfect alternative for those “Do it Your Selfers”, those looking to save a little money on remodeling costs, even individuals looking to start their own business.

Review of estimates
      We can review any painting estimate and advise our client if it is a fair price for their project.
(Can you afford not to know?)

Project planning and scheduling
      Clients contact us and briefly explain the scope of their proposed project (what they want to have done, for example, new carpets, change their moulding, re-paint…) and our project planner suggests the order of operations that will minimize downtime, return visits from contractors for touch ups, and saves the client a considerable amount of money and headaches.

Use a project planner’s expertise and save money!

Offer comparative estimates
      We can give you an estimate on your project for you to compare to other contractors you may be considering. In this case, we aren’t bidding on the job against other contractor’s, we are just giving you the tool you need to get the best price.

Project supervision
      If you chose to attempt your project on your own, but would like a little guidance, our project manager can visit your jobsite to oversee progress, set daily production goals, and help you get it done right the first time.

Don’t make expensive mistakes!

Please contact us for details on any of the above services

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