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History of The Fine Arts,llc…
“The project’s not complete until the client is satisfied”

      The President of the company, Robert D. Bankston had been working as a house painter for about 6 years, when he enrolled at a University in Brookville, Long Island. There he studied Art, Marketing, and Management for 5 years, while continuing to work as a painter. As part of an assignment for a marketing class, he went into the local area (an upscale location), and conducted some marketing research on one of the topics he really knew well, house painting.

      Upon compilation of his research, he found that most everyone in his study had similar experiences and expectations of painting contractors. Most respondents commented that the painters they had used were sloppy, unprofessional, disorganized, failed to return phone calls, produced low quality work, and were basically unrefined individuals. The same respondents also noted that they would be willing to pay for an excellent service if it were available.

      It didn’t take long for Robert to realize that with his experience as a house painter, and his background in Marketing and Management, he could establish a business that would satisfy the needs of the demographic that he had polled for his marketing research class. The rest is history…

       “The Fine Arts,llc” currently enjoys a reputation as one of the most sought after Painting and Decorating firms in the New York area. We have been able to achieve this well deserved reputation by providing the highest quality painting and decorating services available, and by focusing on client satisfaction. Our mission statement is “The project’s not complete until the client is satisfied”, and we mean it.

What do we mean by the fine arts?

      To the President, Robert D. Bankston, “the fine arts” represent all that he loves about architecture, art, craftsmanship, and pride in his work. There is a huge difference between painting a house, and painting it right. There are many contractors out there who are painting houses, but very few are painting them right. The name of the firm speaks to this idea that, there is in fact an art hidden in what we do. Flawless finishes that last for years are no accident. It takes years of practice and study, as well as a complete understanding of materials and their compatibility to master all the painting techniques needed to achieve these superior finishes.

      Our company provides the kind of craftsmanship found over a hundred years ago, combined with the benefits of modern materials and applicators. All of our painters are trained extensively by the owner of the firm, first as apprentices, before being promoted to painter (assuming they meet our standards for a painter’s position). This ensures that they too will learn “The fine arts” of house painting and decorative finishes.

The Fine Arts, llc is a member of:
      - The Society of Decorative Painters
      - The National Trust for Historical Preservation
      - And a Wolman certified wood care specialist

      Please visit our testimonials page to see what some of our previous clients have to say about us.




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